We possess facilities for manufacturing round/square pipes with specifications of
Ø25.4~Ø165 with total of 3 seam-welding manufacturing lines.

Seam-welding line 1

Seam-welding line 2

Seam-welding line 3

Inspection facility

Category Measuring instrument name Purpose Specifications Currently in operation Remark
Measuring instrument Eddy Current System(ECT) For measuring welding quality and detecting defects on the surface - 3 1, 2, 3 lines
Measuring instruments Rockwell hardness tester For measuring hardness of materials HRc, HRb scale measurement 1
Gauss meter For measuring magnetic strength on steel - 1
Vernier caliper For measuring width and length of materials 200×0.02(Mechanical), 200×0.01(Digital), 300×0.02(Mechanical), 300×0.01(Digital) 4
Outer diameter micrometer(Ball point) For measuring thickness of materials and depth of beads 0~25×0.01(Mechanical), 0~25×0.01(Digital) 3 units 4
Outer diameter micrometer(Flat) For measuring outer diameter of materials 25~50×0.01(Digital) 2 units, 50~75×0.01(Digital) 3 units, 75~100×0.01(Dial type) 1 unit 5

Eddy Current Testing(ECT)

Rockwell hardness tester

Gauss meter

Vernier caliper

Outer diameter micrometer(Flat)