Greetings from CEO

Aworld where everyone is happy and prosperous-
That’s the world that Hanyang Steel pursues.

Thanks for taking the time to visit our website.
Since starting with distribution of steel pipes in 1976, we have undergone development by overcoming numerous difficulties and challenges while steadfastly adhering to the only way for us –the business of steel pipes.

That was only possible thanks to the trust from the customers who believed in us.
Support and encouragement from customers were the source of our development and stable background for us.
I always felt that we only exist because there are customers out there, and I have worked through the years with a challenging spirit that anything can be done as long as the customer wants it.

Our main customers are automotive parts suppliers.
Their demands becamemore and more sophisticated as the whole automotive industry evolved.
In particular,we suffered with a great dealof quality issues, so we acquired a seam-welded pipe factory as a fundamental solution, which led to establishing a drawing steel pipe factory.

Currently, most of our steel pipes are used in automobiles.
The Korean automotive industry is competitive on a global scale, which is mainly derived from enhanced quality criteria.
Nowadays, customers never turn a blind eye to a single defect.
We have realized that, in order to fulfill the requirements of the customers, we must be in charge of the whole process ourselves while ensuring top quality management.
There is no denying that our company is armed with the foundation to maintain unmatched competitiveness thanks to the batch process that encompasseseverything from seam-welding manufacturing to drawing manufacturing and final processing.

Those of us at Hanyang Steel will make sure to be the very best partner with top competitiveness by providing products of excellent quality.
Until the day that Hanyang Steel stands on top of the world, every employee and executive will challenge ourselves with united strength and infinite passion.

Kim Young-jun, President, Hanyang Steel